My Social Life

Physically Social

So when it comes to socialising in the 'real world' I'm all about three main activities: Food, Drink & Adventures. Lets start with food. One of my favourite things to do is go out for some good looking, amazing tasting food with my friends. You get to have a laugh and give your stomach a treat all at once, brilliant.

Then there's drink. I'm a fan of a chilled few pints down the local. It's relaxing, things flow a lot easier and lets be honest thinks are usually more dramatic, funny and exciting after a few aren't they.

Finally there's the adventures, I really do enjoy exploring new things, seeing different places and getting out and about.

Technology Social

When it comes to being social on the web I'm generally quite 'hooked up'. I have Facebook (rarely use), Twitter (use all the time!), Instagram (occassionally use) and many more. Without a doubt though Twitter's where I do most of my socialising, sharing what I'm up to, my views and commenting on other people's antics. You can follow me @josh_ferry or click on the twitter icon at the bottom of the page to be directed.